Trap for the Assassin

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Trap for the Assassin (French: Roger la Honte) is a 1966 film directed by Riccardo Freda and starring Georges Géret, Irene Papas and Jean-Pierre Marielle. It is an adaptation of the 1886 novel Roger la Honte by Jules Mary.[2]

Trap for the Assassin
Trap for the Assassin.jpg
Directed byRiccardo Freda
Produced by
Screenplay byJean-Louis Bory
Based onRoger-la-Honte
by Jules Mary
Music by
CinematographyJean Tournier[1]
Edited by
  • Michèle Boëhm
  • Riccardo Freda[1]
  • Comptoir Français du Film Production
  • Mancori[1]
Distributed byRegional (Italy)
Release date
  • 17 May 1966 (1966-05-17) (France)
  • 21 October 1966 (1966-10-21) (Italy)
Running time
105 minutes[1]
  • France
  • Italy[1]



Trap for the Assassin was based on Roger la Honte, one of the most popular feuilletons by Jules Mary.[3] The script for the film was adapted by Jean-Louis Bory, who was an admirer of Freda's work, having met him in 1962 in Paris.[3] Bory claimed that he wrote the adaptation and dialogue exclusive to function with Freda's direction.[4]

According to Freda and his assistant director Yves Boisset, Trapped for the Assassin was a project Freda really cared about.[3] Shooting for the film took four weeks and used three cameras at once.[5]


Trap for the Assassin was released in France on 17 May 1966.[1] It was distributed theatrically in Italy by Regional as Trappola per l'assassino on 21 October 1966.[1] Italian film historian Roberto Curti stated that the film had poor distribution and was hardly noticed by critics or audiences.[6] It has been given an English title Trap for the Assassin despite that the film does not appear to have been released overseas.[6]


In France, Image et son [fr]'s reviewer praised Freda's direction in the film "We would like that all...knew as much as Freda how to handle a camera (see the trail sequence) and its spectacular potential. That's what makes this cheap little film such a beautiful illusion and a definite pleasure"[7] Gilles Jacob praised the film, but noted that "let's face it, we would not go see [the film], were it signed by Cayatte or Maurice Cloche."[8]

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