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Roger Sommer
A black and white photograph of Roger Sommer, a man with a short beard, sitting in a Farman biplane seat surrounded by wires
Roger Sommer in a Farman biplane
BornAugust 4, 1877
DiedApril 14, 1965 (aged 87)
OccupationAeronautical engineer and pilot

Roger Sommer (August 4, 1877 in Pierrepont, France – April 14, 1965 at Sainte-Maxime) was a French aviator. Born to Alfred Sommer, a Belgian industrialist, Roger Sommer became involved with aviation from an early age. He broke the record for flight duration in 1909. After this, Sommer began working on aircraft construction. He constructed 182 aircraft, making him a pioneer in the field. Sommer was a friend of Roland Garros. Sommer's company, named Sommer, is now a part of Sommer-Allibert. Roger Sommer was the father of Raymond, François, and Pierre Sommer.


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