Roger Nygard

Roger Nygard (born March 28, 1962) is a film director and producer. As a director he has worked on Tales of the Unknown (1990), High Strung (1991), Back to Back (1996), Trekkies (1997), and Suckers (2001). He also directed Grief Counseling, an episode from the American television comedy series The Office.

Roger Nygard
Roger Nygard at the 2011 Humanist Film Festival.jpg
Born (1962-03-28) 28 March 1962 (age 58)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
OccupationFilm director, producer, writer

His work as a film editor includes Emmy-nominated episodes The Table Read, an episode from the American television comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm and Chicklet, an episode from the American television comedy series Veep and Episode 102, an episode from the American television comedy series Who Is America?.[1]


Nygard was born on March 28, 1962, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[2] His introduction into film making started at the age of seven when he found his father's 8mm camera. It had half a film roll left and with it he shot his first film.[3]


Nygard directed Trekkies which was released in 1997, and its follow up Trekkies 2 some years later.[4] He directed Suckers, a film which along with Joe Yannetty, he co-wrote the story for.[5] The film was a 2001 Video Premiere Award Winner in the Screenplay category.[6] It was also an award winner in the "Special Jury Artistic Merit Award" category,[7] at the 2000 Cinequest Film Festival.[8]

He directed and produced the 2010 documentary The Nature of Existence which was described by The Hollywood Reporter as "his earnest attempt to find meaning in the universe". He spent four years traveling the world, conducting 175 interviews with an assortment of people from different backgrounds. Editing from bout 450 hours of footage was used for the final product.[9]

In 2013, Nygard entered into a deal with Country Music Television to film a reality show pilot episode which would feature the family of Brother Jed an evangelist. Nygard first saw him preach at the University of Minnesota when he was attending the college.[10]

He produced the 2020 documentary The Truth About Marriage which was accompanied by a companion book. The Cinequest Film Festival called the film "...a powerful documentary steeped in philosophy, history, and psychology...." [11]

Filmography (selective)Edit

Title Year Notes #
Tales of the Unknown
(segment Warped)
High Strung 1991
Back to Back 1996
Trekkies 1997 Documentary
Suckers 2001
Trekkies 2 2004 Documentary
(segment Warped)
The Nature of Existence 2010 Documentary
The Relationship Doctrine of Don Blanquito 2012 Documentary
The Truth About Marriage 2020 Documentary


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