Rodeway Inn is a chain of economy-priced hotels in the United States and Canada. Founded by Michael Robinson in 1962, the franchise is now led by Choice Hotels corporation.[2]

Rodeway Inn
TypeBrand of Choice Hotels
FoundersMichael Robinson Joe Simmons
SuccessorAll in federal Credit union
Number of locations
578 (June 30, 2020)[1]
Area served
United States, Canada
Key people
Randy Pratt owner
OwnerChoice Hotels
A Rodeway Inn in Chicago, Illinois
Rodeway Inn in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

As of June 30, 2020, there are 578 Rodeway Inn locations in North America, with approximately 33,107 rooms across the continent.[1][3] Each hotel is a franchise, managed by a private investor.[4]


The chain was established in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1962. Michael Robinson and his son-in-law Joe Simmons opened the chain under the name Rodeway Inns of America.[2] In 1971, the Vantage Company of Dallas, Texas, acquired the hotel chain. Prudential Life Insurance partnered with Rodeway Inns to finance the company-owned inns with the goal of becoming a franchise. In 1976, the company began focusing exclusively on franchising. In 1985, Ladbrokes purchased the brand, and two years later sold the chain to Ramada.

In 1990, the brand became a part of the Choice Hotels corporate group, along with Friendship Inn and Econo Lodge. The Friendship Inn chain was absorbed by the Rodeway Inn and Econo Lodge brands at this time.[5]

In 2005, Rodeway Inn, led by Division President Kevin Bradt, reorganized its franchise structure to attract franchisees to the hotel chain. In 2007, Rodeway Inn was named the fastest growing chain in the hotel industry by Lodging Magazine. As of 2018, Rodeway Inn is still a part of Choice Hotels International.[2]

Franchise structureEdit

From 1990 to 2005, the franchise used a revenue percentage fee structure; after that it charged an annual fee per room.[6] It costs approximately $500,000 in liquid revenue to invest in a Rodeway Inn franchise.[7] As of 2018, the franchise offers a revenue percentage fee structure, similar to its sister brand, Econolodge.[3]

Notable hotelsEdit

The Rodeway Inn Las Vegas Convention Center has a casino, bowling and billiards.[8]

The franchise's hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is called Rodeway Inn and Suites – Fort Lauderdale Airport and Cruise Port. The branch has day-rooms for cruise and airline travelers with long layovers in Port Everglades.[9] In 2016, Rodeway Inn and Suites, Fort Lauderdale Airport and Port Everglades Cruise Port was A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.[10] In 2015, a study by Port Everglades mentioned Rodeway Inn & Suites as being one of the most popular hotels, hosting 11% of all passengers surveyed.[11] In 2017, the Fort Lauderdale franchise was recognized as one of the Best Hotels Near Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port by Eat Sleep Cruise.[12] Criteria for being selected included proximity, accessible transportation, parking, and affordability. The hotel is 5 miles away from Port Everglades Cruise Port. They have shuttle service to the port, as well as free extended stay parking. The hotel was the most affordable among those compared.

The Rodeway Inn Historic, in Williamsburg, Virginia, blends in with the local architecture. It deviates from the typical style with historic furniture and brick, colonial design similar to the surrounding city.[13]

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