Roda Island

Roda Island (or Rawdah Island, Arabic: جزيرة الروضة‎, Jazīrat ar-Rawdah  [ɡɪˈziːɾɪt eɾˈɾoːdɑ]) is an island located on the Nile in central Cairo.[1]

Roda Island
Native name:
جزيرة الروضة
Cairo, channel between Roda Island and Old Cairo, Egypt, Oct 2004.jpg
Nile branch between Roda Island and Old Cairo
Rhoda Island, Cairo.png
OpenStreetMap rendering of Roda Island
LocationNile River, Cairo
Coordinates30°01′15″N 31°13′32″E / 30.02083°N 31.22556°E / 30.02083; 31.22556Coordinates: 30°01′15″N 31°13′32″E / 30.02083°N 31.22556°E / 30.02083; 31.22556

Historically, the mamluks of Bahri dynasty originally settled on the Roda Island at the castle of Al-Rodah, which was built by the Ayyubid Sultan as-Salih Ayyub in order to house his mamluks.[2] The name of the dynasty, "Bahriyya", means 'of the river', referring to their original settlement on the island on the Nile River.

The El-Manial district and the Manial Palace and Museum and gardens are located on the island. It is west of historic Old Cairo, over a small branch of the Nile. The island has one of the oldest Islamic buildings in Egypt, the Nilometer, in the neighbourhood of the Manasterly Palace on its southern tip.[1]



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