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Robynn 'Swoopy' McCarthy

Robynn "Swoopy" McCarthy is an American skeptic and podcaster. She is the producer and co-host, with Derek Colanduno, of the talk show Skepticality,[1] the official biweekly podcast of The Skeptics Society's Skeptic magazine.[2] She is the Director for the Podcasting fan track at Dragon*Con.[3]

Swoopy has been the main researcher and writer for the Skepticality podcast since co-host Colanduno suffered an aneurysm-like brain Arteriovenous malformation in September 2005. Besides her scientific skepticism, she has an artistic side with interests including audio production, photography, and fine arts.[4]

McCarthy is currently attending medical school and is employed full-time and has reduced her role in the show's production.[5]

She has been interviewed on the XM-Sirius show & podcast Slice of SciFi,[6] and on The Skeptic Zone.[7]

McCarthy is the namesake for the asteroid 106537 McCarthy.[8] It was named after her by Jeff Medkeff because he felt Swoopy had "pioneered the new media of podcasting and put it to service for skeptical thinking."[9]


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