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Robert Weiss (therapist)

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Robert Weiss (b. ca 1960) is an author and therapist specializing in infidelity and sexual compulsions.[1]

He grew up in Westchester County outside of New York City. He did his undergraduate work at Tulane University and then moved to Los Angeles. He was sexually promiscuous with men from the time he was 14 into his twenties when he started attending a twelve-step program meeting for people whose lives were disrupted by sexual compulsions, just at the time that the AIDS crisis was emerging, from which he emerged safely. The AIDS crisis led him to want to study sexual compulsions, so he earned a master's in social work at University of California, Los Angeles, then took a job working with Patrick Carnes, who did pioneering work in the field.[1]

In 1995 he opened his own clinic, the Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI), which offered intensive outpatient programs. This was shortly before internet pornography became prevalent and people began struggling with compulsive viewing and internet dating.[1] However, people coming to SRI often had to pay out of pocket, since its programs were not covered by insurance, and Weiss sold SRI to Elements Behavioral Health in 2011.[2] Weiss became Elements' senior vice president of clinical development.[2] Elements closed SRI in 2015.[2][3]


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