Robert Shvarc

Robert Shvarc (10 December 1932 – 25 April 2003) born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, was an Albanian translator, recognized as one of the best translators from German of the 20th century and beginning of new millennium, writer, and poet. His mother was from Elbasan and his Jewish father was from Austria, and they lived in Shkodër, Albania. There Robert Shvarc grew up as a lover of his Albanian mother's language and is the first who brought to the Albanian reader some masterpieces of literature such as the novels of Gabriel García Márquez, Erich Maria Remarque, Lion Feuchtwanger, dramas of Bertolt Brecht; books of poetry from Goethe, Schiller, and Heine. Also Shvarc translated into German the best books of many Albanian poets and writers.

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