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Robert Oberst (born December 20, 1984) is an American professional strongman who was awarded his "Pro Card" at the 2012 Dallas Europa Amateur Strongman Competition. He is a yearly competitor of the World's Strongest Man including the 2013 World's Strongest Man and the 2018 World's Strongest Man competitions.

Robert Oberst
Born (1984-12-20) December 20, 1984 (age 33)
Santa Cruz, California[1]
United States
Other names "Obie"
Occupation Strongman
Height 201 cm (6 ft 7 in)[2]
Weight 171 kg (377 lb)[3]
Spouse(s) Kristin Oberst


Personal RecordsEdit

In the gym

In Competition

  • Log Lift – 465 lb (211 kg) – American record, done at the Arnold Strongman Classic Australia 2015.[4]
  • Deadlift - 750 lb (340 kg) for 4 reps - Done at America's Strongest Man 2013. [5]

Strongman AccomplishmentsEdit

-First Place, San Jose Fit Expo, 2012[6]

-First Place, Dallas Europa, 2012[6]

-Third Place, America's Strongest Man, 2012[6]

-Third Place, LA Fit Expo, 2013[6]

-First Place, Giants Live Las Vegas, 2013[7]

-First Place, Odd Haugen’s US Open MAS Wrestling Championship, 2013[7]

-Third Place, All-American Strongman Challenge, 2013[7]

-Sixth Place, Giants Live British Open, 2013[7]

-Third Place, China's Strongest Man, 2013[6]

-Ninth Place, World's Strongest Man, 2013[8]

-Second Place, America's Strongest Man, 2013[9]

-Fifth Place, MAS-Wrestling World Cup, 2013[6]

-Eighth Place, Arnold Strongman Classic, 2014[10]

-Second Place, America's Strongest Man, 2014[6]

-Third Place, Arnold Strongman Classic Australia, 2015[11]

-Sixth Place, Giants Live North American Open, 2016[12]

Early lifeEdit

Robert Oberst attended high school at Aptos High School in Aptos, California. It was there he played football and track and field, lettering four times in football and once in track and field. He then went on to continue playing football at the collegiate level at Western Oregon University majoring in history. Robert graduated from Western Oregon University in 2008.[13] After college, Robert gave the NFL a shot, but unfortunately did not make the cut. Soon after, Robert got into bouncing at a nightclub. It was there that one of Robert's coworkers introduced him to the world of Strongman competitions and encouraged him to train for the events. Only four months after, Oberst had received his Pro-Card.[14]


"(My diet) is very strict,” he says. “I get one day off every four weeks where I can eat what I want... I eat three-and-a-half pounds of meat a day, six cups of rice, a bunch of pasta, and no cheese or dairy. It’s just all high protein, low fat stuff.”[14]