Robert, Earl of Strathearn

Robert of Strathearn (died c. 1244) was the 4th Earl of Strathearn in Scotland.

Robert was the fourth son of Gille Brigte of Strathearn and his wife Matilda. He first appears on record in 1199, when he and his brothers were witnesses to their father's charters to the Abbey of Inchaffray. By 1210, all three of his elder brothers had died, and he became heir to the earldom of Strathearn. In 1219 he confirmed as heir-apparent all his father's grants to the abbey, and after his accession as earl around 1223, he made a vow never to disturb the monks in their possessions.

Aside from his taking part in the abbey's affairs, he appears in a wider sphere in 1237, when he travelled to York with King Alexander, to negotiate the Treaty of York with Henry III of England.

Earl Robert died before April 1244.[1]

Marriage and progenyEdit

Earl Robert's wife was named Matilda (1178-1247). They had three sons and two daughters:



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