Robert, 7th Duke d'Ursel

Robert-Marie-Léon 7th Duke d'Ursel (1873–1955) was a Belgian politician.[1]

The 7th Duke of Ursel
Robert Duke of Ursel Laszlo.jpg
The 7th Duke d'Ursel
portrait by Philip Alexius de Laszlo
Duke of Ursel
In office
Preceded byMarie Joseph Charles, 6th Duke d'Ursel
Succeeded byHenri, 8th Duke d'Ursel
Personal details
Political partyCatholic Party


He was the son of Marie Joseph Charles, 6th Duke d'Ursel. He married in 1898 to Sabine Franquet de Franqueville. After his death he was succeeded by his son Henri, 8th Duke d'Ursel.


He was selected to be commissioner of the World exhibition of 1910. During the 1st WW he served as volunteer, and fought in the Yser. He was however sent away from the battle field and became officer in the connection services. The duke was part of the Royal cortege during the victorious entry of the Sovereigns in Brussels.[2] After the war he participated in the Senate in the debates of the reconstruction of the devastated country. The duke was rewarded multiple international honours for his merit.

He had his portrait pâinted by de Laszlo after the War in 1920 in Kensington, they did meet before in an art gallery. Robert d'Ursel was very impressed by the talent of the artist, and de Laszlo gifted the duke a painted sketch of him as sign of respect and friendship. In 1926 he requested to paint a portrait of the dowager duchess d'Ursel, his mother. The portrait was put on display in the Charpentier Gallery in Paris. Both families had close contact, which resulted in 3 generations of portrait paintings of the House of Ursel.[3]

Later he became Lord mayor of Higene, member of the Senate and Special mission of the King, he was sent to the Russian and Danish court. He was active in social circles and was president of the royal Belgian Automobile Club.[4] He was President of the Palais des Beaux arts in Brussels.



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