Roaring Rapids (Colorado River)

Roaring Rapids are one of several rapids in the Black Canyon of the Colorado, 10.25 miles above El Dorado Canyon in the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada.[1]

Roaring Rapids
Roaring Rapids is located in Arizona
Roaring Rapids
Location in
Coordinates35°50′35″N 114°42′12″W / 35.84306°N 114.70333°W / 35.84306; -114.70333

History edit

The Roaring Rapids were one of two of the significant hazards to navigation to steamboats, barges, and other shipping when ascending or descending the Colorado River between El Dorado Canyon and Callville, in the 19th Century.[2] : 47, 49  The other was the Ringbolt Rapids, 12 miles farther up the river.[3]

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