The Rivers railway station is on the Canadian National Railway mainline in Rivers, Manitoba, in the centre of town. The station is served by Via Rail's The Canadian.[1] The station operates as a flag stop with 48-hour advance notice.

General information
LocationHwy 250 & Hwy 25, Rivers, Manitoba
Coordinates50°01′44″N 100°14′19″W / 50.02889°N 100.23861°W / 50.02889; -100.23861
Platforms1 side platform
Structure typeShelter
Previous namesBrandon North
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Preceding station Via Rail Following station
toward Vancouver
The Canadian Portage la Prairie
toward Toronto
Former services
Preceding station Canadian National Railway Following station
toward Vancouver
Main Line Knox
toward Montreal
Preceding station Via Rail Following station
toward Vancouver
The Canadian
before 1990
Portage la Prairie
toward Toronto

The station was originally built in 1917 for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The station building is a 1½ story structure made of concrete to halfway up the first story, brick to the roof line.[2] The station building was closed in the 1990s, however trains continued to serve the community as a flag stop. The station was designated a national historic site in 1992.[3] A local community group is working on restoring the building.

In 2008, Via Rail (Via) relocated its facilities serving The Canadian from Brandon North railway station (located 23 km (14 mi) away) to the Rivers railway station.[4]

Stranding edit

On March 1, 2011, Via passengers traveling east were stranded for 15 hours due to a Canadian National freight train becoming disabled near Rivers.[5] The line was reopened, but this delay suspended Via's service between Winnipeg and Toronto in both directions.[6] Consequently, Via had to make arrangements to accommodate about 70 affected passengers, including providing alternate transportation for them.[7] Regular service was expected to resume the following Thursday for the Winnipeg to Toronto route, and on the next Saturday for the opposite direction.[8][9]

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