River North Records

River North Records was a Chicago-based record company. It was a subsidiary of Platinum Entertainment.


River North Records was created by Steve Devick in 1994. It was named and created after River North Studios, which was also created by Devick. The single, "I Want to Be Like Mike" was recorded for River North in 1991, based on a jingle created by Devick for Gatorade.[1]


In 1993, River North Records signed a deal with vocalist Peter Cetera to record some of Cetera's albums. The albums were released in 1994. Billy Idol, David Bowie, and Bon Jovi are some other artists that have recorded for River North Records.[2]

The label also had a Nashville, Tennessee division specializing in country music which opened in 1994 .[3] This label's first signee was Holly Dunn. The label folded in 1998.

Former artistsEdit


River North Studios had a 1,400-square-foot facility at 610 North Fairbanks Court in Chicago.[citation needed]


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