Rita Koiral

Rita Koiral (or Rita Kayral; c.1959 – 19 November 2017) was an Indian Bengali actress, especially known for her television and film roles.[1] She appeared in several soap opera roles, often as villains and often opposite Monami Ghosh.[2] Directors she worked with included Prabhat Roy, Agnidev Chatterjee and Aparna Sen. She also acted in jatra (a form of folk theatre).[3]

Koiral was born in Kolkata, and was still living there at the time of her death. She and her estranged husband had one daughter.[2]

In Anupam Kher's 2000 film Bariwali, Rita Koiral provided the voice for another Indian actress, Kirron Kher, the producer's wife, but she was not given the credit when Kher received a National Award for her role in the film. According to the rules, Kher should not have qualified for the award because the role was dubbed.[4] Koiral claimed that Anupam Kher had offered her a share of the award money, but Kirron Kher denied that her part had been overdubbed.[5] Following Koiral's death, The Times of India claimed that she "nursed the wound of being denied her due credit" for the rest of her life.[6]

In addition to acting, Koiral ran a school of dance.[2] She continued to act after being diagnosed with liver cancer,[7] and died in hospital in Kolkata, aged 58.[1]




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