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Rise is the third studio album by British pop artist Gabrielle. The album became Gabrielle's biggest selling album to date with it becoming her only number one album.

Gabrielle rise.PNG
Studio album by Gabrielle
Released 18 October 1999 (UK)
August 15, 2000 (US)
Recorded 1998–1999
Genre R&B
Length 42:45
Label Go Beat, Universal
Producer Jonathan Shorten and Richie Fermie
Gabrielle chronology
Dreams Can Come True, Greatest Hits Vol. 1
(2001)Dreams Can Come True, Greatest Hits Vol. 12001
Singles from Rise
  1. "Sunshine"
    Released: 27 September 1999
  2. "Rise"
    Released: 24 January 2000
  3. "When a Woman"
    Released: 5 June 2000
  4. "Should I Stay"
    Released: 23 October 2000
  5. "Out of Reach"
    Released: 9 April 2001
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]



The album became a huge commercial success, spending three weeks at number 1 in the UK Albums Chart, and achieving triple-platinum status. The title track also went to number one in the UK Singles Chart.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Sunshine" Gabrielle, Jonathan Shorten 4:10
2. "Rise" Gabrielle, Ollie Dagois, Bob Dylan, Ferdy Unger-Hamilton 3:39
3. "When a Woman" Gabrielle, Julian Gallagher, Richard Stannard 3:11
4. "Tell Me What You Dream" Gabrielle, Julian Gallagher, Richard Stannard 4:03
5. "5 O'Clock" Gabrielle, Ollie Dagois, Ferdy Unger-Hamilton 3:36
6. "Should I Stay" Gabrielle, Jonathan Sharp 3:59
7. "Over You" Gabrielle, Jonathan Shorten 4:21
8. "Falling" Gabrielle, Julian Gallagher, Richard Stannard 3:21
9. "If You Love Me" Gabrielle, Jonathan Shorten 3:56
10. "Independence Day" Gabrielle, Jonathan Sharp 4:35
11. "Gonna Get Better" Gabrielle, Roger Drakes, Jonathan Shorten 3:59

UK reissueEdit

On April 30, 2001, Go Beat re-released Rise in the UK with six bonus tracks:

  1. "Out of Reach"
  2. "There's Nothing I Won't Do for You"
  3. "Rise" (acoustic version)
  4. "Rise" (enhanced video)
  5. "Sunshine" (enhanced video)
  6. "When a Woman" (enhanced video)

Rise UndergroundEdit

Rise Underground is the remix version of the album Rise, containing 18 remixes of her tracks recorded for Rise.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Sunshine" (Wookie Dub Mix)
  2. "Rise" (Artful Dodger Above Board Vox)
  3. "When a Woman" (Restless Natives Groove Mix)
  4. "5 O'Clock" (Sunship Mix Vocal)
  5. "Should I Stay" (K Warren Dub)
  6. "Over You" (Zed Bias Vocal Mix)
  7. "Independence Day" (Ed Case & Carl H Dub)
  8. "Independence Day" (Ed Case & Carl H Remix)
  9. "When a Woman" (Restless Natives Dub Mix)
  10. "If You Love Me" (Bump and Flex Dub Mix)
  11. "Gonna Get Better" (D.E.A. Vocal)
  12. "Over You" (Zed Bias Dub)
  13. "If You Love Me" (Bump and Flex Vocal Mix)
  14. "Tell Me What You Dream" (M Dubs Vocal Mix)
  15. "Sunshine" (Wookie Main Mix)
  16. "5 O'Clock" (Architechs Mix)
  17. "Falling" (Stanton Warriors Remix)
  18. "Gonna Get Better" (D.E.A. Dub)