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The cabinet of Antti Rinne is the 75th government of Finland. It was formed following the parliamentary election of 2019 and was formally appointed by President Sauli Niinistö on 6 June 2019.[1] The cabinet consists of a coalition formed by the Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Green League, the Left Alliance, and the Swedish People's Party. The cabinet's Prime Minister is Antti Rinne.

Rinne's Cabinet
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75th cabinet of Finland
Antti Rinne.jpg
Date formed6 June 2019
People and organisations
Head of stateSauli Niinistö
Head of governmentAntti Rinne
No. of ministers19
Member partiesSocial Democratic Party
Centre Party
Green League
Left Alliance
Swedish People's Party
Opposition party
Election(s)2019 parliamentary election
Incoming formationSocial Democratic Party
Centre Party
Green League
Left Alliance
Swedish People's Party
PredecessorSipilä Cabinet

This government is the first centre-left coalition to lead Finland since the Lipponen II Cabinet in 2003. The Rinne coalition has a total of 117 seats (58.5%) in the 200-seat parliament.


At the start of its tenure, there will be a total of 19 ministers in Rinne's cabinet: seven ministers from the Social Democratic Party, five ministers from the Centre Party, three from the Green League, and two each from the Left Alliance and Swedish People's Party.[2]

The constitution requires ministers to be "honest and competent". The nomination of Antti Kaikkonen drew considerable controversy due to his previous conviction from political corruption. Historically, the interpretation of the "honest and competent" clause has been permissive: the most salient example would be Aarre Simonen, who was also successfully appointed in 1966 despite his conviction in 1961, also from corruption. Rinne had the question checked with the Chancellor of Justice and Kaikkonen was cleared to proceed. The motivation was that there had already been two elections in between where Kaikkonen had been re-elected, and Kaikkonen had been law-abiding since.[3]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister Antti Rinne6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister deputising for the Prime Minister Mika Lintilä6 June 201912 September 2019Centre
 Katri Kulmuni12 September 2019IncumbentCentre
Minister of Finance Mika Lintilä6 June 2019IncumbentCentre
Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto6 June 2019IncumbentGreen League
Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo6 June 2019IncumbentGreen League
Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson6 June 2019IncumbentSwedish People's
Minister of Employment Timo Harakka6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen6 June 2019IncumbentCentre
Minister of Local Government and Ownership Steering Sirpa Paatero6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister of Education Li Andersson6 June 2019IncumbentLeft Alliance
Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko6 June 20199 August 2019Centre
 Hanna Kosonen9 August 2019IncumbentCentre
Minister for European Affairs Tytti Tuppurainen6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen6 June 2019IncumbentGreen League
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä6 June 2019IncumbentCentre
Minister of Economic Affairs Katri Kulmuni6 June 2019IncumbentCentre
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Aino-Kaisa Pekonen6 June 2019IncumbentLeft Alliance
Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru6 June 2019IncumbentSocial Democratic
Minister of Nordic Cooperation and Equality Thomas Blomqvist6 June 2019IncumbentSwedish People's



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Antti Rinne's cabinet
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