Roller Hockey Asia Cup

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The Roller Hockey Asian Championship is a roller hockey competition with the national teams of Asian countries that happens every two years. It is organized by CARS, Confederation of Asia Roller Sports. The last Tournament happening was the 15th Asian Roller hockey Championship in Hefei, China.

Roller Hockey Asia Cup
Roller hockey pictogram.svg
RegionAsia (CARS)
Number of teams7
Current champions Australia (1st title)
Most successful team(s) Macau (9 titles)

Men's resultsEdit


Year Host city   Gold   Silver   Bronze 4th Place
2018   Namwon   Australia   Macau   Japan   India
2016   Lishui   Macau   India   Taiwan   Japan
2014   Haining   Macau   Taiwan   Japan   India
2012[1]   Hefei   Macau   India   Taiwan   Australia
2010[2]     Japan   Taiwan   India
2010   Dalian   Macau   Japan   India   Taiwan
2007   Calcutta   Macau   Japan   India   Pakistan
2005   Jeonju   Macau   Japan   South Korea   Taiwan
2004   Akita   Macau   Japan   Australia   Taiwan
2001   Taitung   North Korea   China   Macau   Japan
1999   Shanghai   Japan   Macau
1997   Kangnung   Macau   Japan
1995   Japan   Macau   China   South Korea
1991   Macau   China   Japan   India
1989   Japan   Macau
1987   Macau   India   Japan   Taiwan

Medal tableEdit

1  Macau105116
2  Japan55414
3  Australia1001
  North Korea1001
5  Taiwan0314
6  India0268
7  China0213
Totals (7 nations)17171347

Women's ResultsEdit


Year Host city   Gold   Silver   Bronze 4th Place
2014   Haining   India   Japan   Taiwan
2012[3]   Macau   India   Taiwan   Macau
2010   Kaohsiung   Taiwan   India   Japan
2010   Dalian   India   Japan   Taiwan   Macau
2007   Calcutta   India   Japan   Macau
2005   Jeonju   Taiwan   India   Japan   Macau
2004   Akita   Japan   Taiwan   India
2001   Taitung   Japan
1999   Shanghai   Japan
1997   Kangnung   Japan

Medal tableEdit

1  Japan (JPN)4329
2  India (IND)4217
3  Taiwan (TWN)2226
4  Macau (MAC)0022
Totals (4 nations)107724


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