Ringerike Hospital

Ringerike Hospital is a hospital which deals with patients from the Buskerud area, especially around Hønefoss. The hospital is part of Vestre Viken Hospital Trust of Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. It is the main hospital for around 75,000 people, with capacity for 872 in-patients. It covers the districts of Ringerike and Hole, the municipalities of Jevnaker and Sør-Aurdal, as well as parts of Hallingdal and Valdres. Included in its remit as hospital of Hønefoss, is the smaller clinic of Hallingdal Hospital at Ål. Ringerike Hospital deals with somatics and psychiatry, and in 2005 dealt with around 11,200 patients in surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry, birth and gynecology and paediatrics. In the same year, there were around 62,300 polyclinic consultations. Until 2009 the hospital was its own health trust, Ringerike Hospital Trust.

Ringerike Hospital
Vestre Viken Hospital Trust
Ringerike sykehus.JPG
Ringerike Hospital HF front
LocationBuskerud, Norway
Coordinates60°08′53″N 10°15′18″E / 60.148°N 10.255°E / 60.148; 10.255Coordinates: 60°08′53″N 10°15′18″E / 60.148°N 10.255°E / 60.148; 10.255
Emergency departmentYes
Number Length Surface
ft m
1 20 20
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Hønefoss Heliport, Ringerike Hospital (ICAO: ENRX) is situated 50 meters (160 ft) from the emergency department. The helipad measures 20 by 20 meters (66 by 66 ft).[1]


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