Rinaldo may refer to:

  • Renaud de Montauban (also spelled Renaut, Renault, Italian: Rinaldo di Montalbano, Dutch: Reinout van Montalbaen, German: Reinhold von Montalban), a legendary knight in the medieval Matter of France
  • Rinaldo (Jerusalem Liberated), a character in a 1580 epic poem by Tasso
    • Rinaldo (opera), a 1711 Italian opera by George Frideric Handel, based on the above character
    • Rinaldo (cantata), an 1863 cantata by Johannes Brahms, based on the above character
  • HMS Rinaldo, one of four ships of the name launched between 1808 and 1943 by the Royal Navy

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  • Giovanni Rinaldo (1720–1795), Count of Carli-Rubbi, Italian economist and antiquarian
  • Matthew John Rinaldo (1931–2008), United States Representative from New Jersey
  • Sandie Rinaldo (born 1950), Canadian television journalist and news anchor
  • Theodore Rinaldo (1944-2000), an American businessman, charismatic religious leader, and convicted child sex offender
  • Zac Rinaldo (born 1990), Canadian professional ice hockey player

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