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Riky Widianto (born 28 December 1991 in Surabaya[1]) is an Indonesian badminton player who specializes in doubles play. His current partner is Richi Puspita Dili.

Riky Widianto
Friendly match Australia and Indonesia 2016 - Gronya Somerville, Riky Widianto and Setyana Mapasa (cropped).jpg
Personal information
Birth nameRiky Widianto
Country Singapore (2005–2009)
 Indonesia (2009–now)
Born (1991-12-28) 28 December 1991 (age 27)
Surabaya, East Java
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight73 kg (161 lb)
Mixed doubles
Highest ranking8 (with Richi Puspita Dili) (18 June 2015)
Current ranking174 (MD) with Jien Sern Ian Wong (2 Feb 2018)
97 (XD) with Masita Mahmudin (2 Feb 2018)
BWF profile


His career as a badminton player began in 2005 when Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) invited him to join the Singapore National Badminton Team while he was a member of Wima badminton club in Surabaya, Indonesia. He played in the open tournament under the Singapore flag although he was not a Singapore citizen. In 2009, he resigned from the national team and returned to Indonesia after he rejected an SBA proposal that he take citizenship, to be eligible to participate in the upcoming Southeast Asian Games, or return. Widianto and his family felt he was too young to change citizenship at age 17, and SBA did not wish to wait two years so that he could avoid the country's mandatory National service.[2]

After returning to Indonesia, he resumed play for his old club, Wima, until the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) invited him to join the national team in 2010. His career has grown rapidly since, especially after coach Richard Mainaky paired him with Richi Puspita Dili.


Southeast Asian GamesEdit

Mixed Doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2015 Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore   Richi Puspita Dili   Chan Peng Soon
  Goh Liu Ying
18–21, 21–18, 20–22   Bronze

Summer UniversiadeEdit

Mixed doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2011 Gymnasium of SZIIT,
Shenzen, China
  Shendy Puspa Irawati   Lee Sheng-mu
  Hsieh Pei-chen
24–22, 16–21, 17–21   Bronze

BWF Superseries (0 titles, 2 runners-up)Edit

The BWF Superseries, launched on December 14, 2006 and implemented in 2007,[3] is a series of elite badminton tournaments, sanctioned by Badminton World Federation (BWF). BWF Superseries has two level such as Superseries and Superseries Premier. A season of Superseries features twelve tournaments around the world, which introduced since 2011,[4] with successful players invited to the Superseries Finals held at the year end.

Mixed Doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2016 India Open   Richi Puspita Dili   Lu Kai
  Huang Yaqiong
13–21, 16–21   Runner-up
2014 Singapore Open   Richi Puspita Dili   Tontowi Ahmad
  Liliyana Natsir
15–21, 20–22   Runner-up
     BWF Superseries Finals tournament
     BWF Superseries Premier tournament
     BWF Superseries tournament

BWF Grand Prix (3 titles, 4 runners-up)Edit

The BWF Grand Prix has two level such as Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold. It is a series of badminton tournaments, sanctioned by Badminton World Federation (BWF) since 2007.

Mixed Doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2017 Vietnam Open   Masita Mahmudin   Alfian Eko Prasetya
  Melati Daeva Oktavianti
14–21, 14–21   Runner-up
2015 Syed Modi International (1)   Richi Puspita Dili   Manu Attri
  Maneesha Kukkapalli
21–17, 21–17   Champion
2014 Dutch Open (1)   Richi Puspita Dili   Jorrit de Ruiter
  Samantha Barning
11–10, 10–11, 9–11 11-8, 11–1   Champion
2014 Indonesian Masters (1)   Richi Puspita Dili   Muhammad Rijal
  Vita Marissa
21–18, 21–19   Champion
2013 Thailand Open   Richi Puspita Dili   Markis Kido
  Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth
21–18, 15–21, 15–21   Runner-up
2013 New Zealand Open   Richi Puspita Dili   Praveen Jordan
  Vita Marissa
18–21, 8–21   Runner-up
2008 Vietnam Open   Vanessa Neo Yu Yan   Tontowi Ahmad
  Shendy Puspa Irawati
17–21, 9–21   Runner-up
     BWF Grand Prix tournament
     BWF Grand Prix Gold tournament

BWF International Challenge/Satellite/SeriesEdit

Men's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2007 Ballarat International   Chayut Triyachart   Ashley Brehaut
  Aji Basuki Sindoro
16–21, 15–21   Runner-up

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2017 Waikato International   Richi Puspita Dili   Ye Hong-wei
  Teng Chun-hsun
21–15, 26–24   Champion
2012 Osaka International   Richi Puspita Dili   Takeshi Kamura
  Koharu Yonemoto
21–18, 13–21, 21–11   Champion
2011 India International   Richi Puspita Dili   Fran Kurniawan
  Shendy Puspa Irawati
15–21, 15–21   Runner-up
2009 Indonesia International   Devi Tika Permatasari   Irfan Fadhilah
  Weni Anggraini
21–12, 21–18   Champion
2008 Singapore Asian Satellite   Yao Lei   Shinta Mulia Sari
  Chayut Triyachart
21–17, 21–18   Champion
2007 Waikato International   Vanessa Neo Yu Yan   Chayut Triyachart
  Shinta Mulia Sari
16–21, 19–21   Runner-up
2007 Ballarat International   Vanessa Neo Yu Yan   Chayut Triyachart
  Shinta Mulia Sari
21–19, 21–16   Champion
     BWF International Challenge/Satellite tournament
     BWF International Series/Future Series tournament

Performance timelineEdit

Indonesian teamEdit

  • Senior level
Team Events 2015
Southeast Asian Games   Gold
Team Events 2011
Universiade   Gold

Individual competitionsEdit

  • Senior level
Event 2015
Southeast Asian Games   Bronze
Event 2011
Universiade   Bronze
Event 2013 2014 2015
BWF World Championships R3 R3 R3
Tournament 2018 Best
BWF World Tour
  Indonesian Masters R1 W (2014)
  Indonesia Open R1 QF (2013)
  Thailand Open R1 F (2013)
  Indonesia Masters Super 100 R2 R2 (2018)
Tournament 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Best
BWF Super Series
  India Open A R2 w/d F A F (2016)
  Singapore Open A F R1 A F (2014)
  Indonesia Open R2 QF R1 R2 R2 A QF (2013)
Tournament 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Best
BWF Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold
  Syed Modi International N/A A R1 R2 w/d N/A A W A W (2015)
  New Zealand Open N/A N/A F A SF A R2 (MD)
F (2013)
  Vietnam Open A QF (MD)
F (XD)
R1 (MD)
R2 (XD)
R1 (XD) QF (XD) QF (XD) A R2 (XD) A F (XD) F (2008, 2017)
  Thailand Open N/A R1 F N/A R2 R2 A F (2013)
  Dutch Open A W A W (2014)
  Indonesian Masters N/A R1 R1 QF R2 W R1 R1 N/A W (2014)


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