Right of Association (Non-Metropolitan Territories) Convention

The Convention concerning the Right of Association and the Settlement of Labour Disputes in Non-Metropolitan Territories is an International Labour Organization Convention on the rights of workers in non-metropoliton territories (e.g. dependent territories, or DOMTOMs) to form and be active in labour unions. As of 2013, the convention has been ratified by nine states: Belgium (which has no non-metropolitan territories); Fiji; France; Mauritania; Mauritius; New Zealand; Solomon Islands; Somalia; and the United Kingdom.

Right of Association (Non-Metropolitan Territories) Convention, 1947
ILO Convention
Date of adoptionJuly 11, 1947
Date in forceJuly 1, 1953
ClassificationFreedom of Association
Collective Bargaining and Agreements
SubjectFreedom of Association, Collective Bargaining, and Industrial Relations
PreviousLabour Standards (Non-Metropolitan Territories) Convention, 1947
NextLabour Inspectorates (Non-Metropolitan Territories) Convention, 1947

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