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Riddick Stadium (opened 1907, closed 1965) was a college football stadium in Raleigh, North Carolina, and home to the North Carolina State University Wolfpack football team. When the stadium was first opened, it was referred to as "New Athletic Park". Later it was named Riddick Field and then Riddick Stadium, after W. C. Riddick, N.C. State football coach during the 1898 and 1899 seasons.[1] The Wolfpack baseball team also played its home games in the stadium prior to moving to Doak Field.

Riddick Stadium
LocationRaleigh, North Carolina
OwnerNorth Carolina State University
OperatorNorth Carolina State University
North Carolina State Wolfpack (NCAA) (1907–1965)

Prior to moving to the Riddick site, the Wolfpack had played their games at Athletic Park (now Pullen Park) and at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.

The stadium initially had only wooden bleachers on the sidelines, but over the years concrete bleachers were built and a fieldhouse was erected behind the south end zone. The NC State Wolfpack defeated Florida State 3-0 in the final game ever played in Riddick Stadium on November 13, 1965.[2] The stadium was partially demolished in 1968.[3] After the completion of Carter Stadium (now Carter-Finley Stadium), the east stands and the field were replaced by a parking lot, and the field house was made into the campus police station. The west stands remained and served a number of functions through the years, including a residence hall in the 1940s and the home of the University Planning office until their demolition in the summer of 2005. The former field house, the last remaining remnant of the stadium, was demolished in March 2013. SAS Hall, the new mathematics and statistics building, occupies the former site.


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