Rickenella fibula

Rickenella fibula or Omphalina fibula is a species of fungus belonging to the genus Rickenella. It is orange to yellow and occurs among moss.[1] The cap is quite small, with a diameter usually less than 1 centimetre (38 in).[2] The stipe is relatively long.[1] It has little odor or taste, and is regarded as nonpoisonous.[3]

Rickenella fibula
2011-10-28 Rickenella fibula (Bulliard- Fries) Raithelhuber 178120 cropped.jpg
Scientific classification
R. fibula
Binomial name
Rickenella fibula
(Bull.) Raithelh. (1973)
  • Agaricus fibula Bull. (1784)
  • Omphalina fibula (Fr.) Quél. (1886)
  • Gerronema fibula (Bull. ex Fr.) Sing.
Rickenella fibula
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gills on hymenium
cap is depressed or infundibuliform
hymenium is decurrent
stipe is bare
spore print is white
ecology is saprotrophic
edibility: unknown

According to molecular analysis, the species is more closely related to certain polypores and crust fungi than other gilled mushrooms.[1] A similar species is Rickenella swartzii.[1]


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