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Richard "Rick" Stone is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics and a supporting character of Static/Virgil Hawkins. Created by writers Dwayne McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III, and artist John Paul Leon, Rick first appeared in Static #1 (June 1993), one of the titles published by Milestone Comics, an imprint of DC Comics. After the closing of Milestone Comics, Rick became part of DC's mainstream universe of characters. On the Static Shock series from the DCAU he gained more popularity when he was reinvented as "Richie Foley" (voiced by Jason Marsden) and later became Static's superhero partner Gear.

Rick Stone
Rick Stone, renamed "Richie Foley," as portrayed in Static Shock
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceStatic #1 (June 1993)
Created byDwayne McDuffie (co-writer)
Robert L. Washington III (co-writer)
John Paul Leon (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoRichard "Rick" Stone
Supporting character ofStatic
Notable aliasesRick, Ricky, Richie, Rich, Richie Foley, Push, Gear
AbilitiesGenius-level intellect
Data manipulation
Superhuman intelligence
Enhanced inventing
Flight (via jet blades)
Force-field generation (formerly)

Publication historyEdit

Rick Stone appeared in the same issue as Static in Static #1 (June 1993) created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III & John Paul Leon (artist).

Fictional character biographyEdit

Milestone & DC UniversesEdit

Longtime best friend of Virgil Hawkins, alias superhero Static, Rick Stone attends Ernest Hemingway High School same as Virgil Hawkins, Daisy Watkins, Frieda Goren and Larry Wade.

The New 52Edit

Although Static appears in the pages of The New 52 initiative, his friend Rick never appeared in those comics.

Other versionsEdit

Milestone ForeverEdit

Static appears as a major character in the 2010 limited series Milestone Forever, a project designed to detail the final fates of the Milestone launch characters prior to being assimilated into DC's continuity. In this possible future, the reader first learns that Virgil is attending his ten year high school reunion, and has given up his life of crime-fighting as Static and is now pursuing a career in medicine. Rick (now going by "Richie", just like his television version on Static Shock) is now working as a director in Los Angeles and is open about his homosexuality.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Rick StoneEdit

Rick Stone is a gifted student at Ernest Hemingway High School, which he attends with Virgil, Daisy Watkins and Frieda Goren. Rick has an interest in science and technology; he's shown to be a good and talented inventor as well as a natural mechanic.


In the TV show Static Shock, Rick (as "Richie Foley") is exposed to the same molecular gas from the "Big Bang" event which gives Virgil his electromagnetic powers as Static, and he decides to join him in his crime-fighting adventures as Gear.

Rick/Richie's powers include a considerable boost in his brain capacity and inventing ability. He becomes a high-level genius and an expert in gadgetry, robotic science, and engineering which allows him to build his own devices and hardware for combat, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Weapons, equipment & transportationEdit

Richie's technology as Gear included:

  • A sensor and neural interface control helmet.
  • Back-Pack: A supercomputer with a neural link to Gear and in-built tracking and analyzing equipment that could cling to his back or walk on four legs.
  • Jet-Blades: Roller skates with built-in jet rockets for extra speed.
  • Jet-Boots: Boots with jet rockets, which granted him the ability of flight.
  • Jet-Board: A hover board that resembles a surfboard which also allowed him to fly.
  • Zap-Cap, Mark I: Tiny grenade-like explosive balls which give off an electric-shock.
  • Zap Caps, Mark II: Similar grenade-like balls that can eject constricting metal wire bands that can tie-up enemies when detonated, for restraining purposes.


When he is transformed by Ragtag into "Push", Richie can create force fields of various shapes, shoot blasts of energy, and fly by propelling energy downward, but his powers are only temporary and he needs to keep going back to Ragtag to be given more power.

In other mediaEdit


  • Rick Stone was renamed Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley in the DC Animated Universe TV series, Static Shock. The series creators did this because Richie's character was based on Rick Stone, Virgil's best friend in the comics, who is gay, and his sexual orientation could not be explored within the context of a children's television series. His orientation was not addressed in the series, but his creator Dwayne McDuffie stated that this version of him really is gay.[1] He also commented on his transformation into Gear because "it became difficult to work Richie into stories, without having him order Static around all the time over the Shock Vox" and positive fan response to him as a reason for improving ratings and adding third and fourth seasons of the show. Richie was voiced by Jason Marsden. Richie is aware of Virgil's secret identity in the show, but in the comics he never learns about his double life; his role in this sense is swapped with Freida Goren, who learns Virgil's secret identity in the comics, but not in the show. Richie encourages Virgil to use his powers and become a superhero in Dakota City. Richie becomes jealous of his powers and begins working for the superhuman gangster Ragtag and his gang. Given the ability to create force fields and shoot energy by Ragtag, he becomes a superhero named "Push", but his powers are temporary and he is forced to help in Ragtag's criminal activities in exchange for continued use of his powers. Eventually, Virgil intervenes to help him in defeating Ragtag. Richie wasn't present during the 'Big Bang', but he is exposed to residual gas that had clung to Virgil's clothes and develops powers which remain dormant until season three. His powers as Gear are superhuman intelligence and inventing ability; he invents a number of weapons and devices for Static and himself to use in crime-fighting. His superhuman intelligence also allows him to control his helmet and Back-Pack which he invented.
    • Both Gear and Static appear in the third season two-part crossover episode "A League of Their Own". They are called by the Justice League to repair the Watchtower which suffered extensive damage from a cosmic superstring. Unbeknownst to them, the power outage enabled Brainiac to infiltrate the station's computer system. He begins to occupy all systems in the Watchtower. When Gear uses Back-Pack to overload Brainiac to aid in defeating him, Brainiac infects Back-Pack, allowing him to take control of Richie to once more recreate his body and mission. Static and the Justice League are able to shut down his hardware temporarily, allowing them to free Richie and destroy Brainiac's base.
    • In the fourth season episode "Future Shock", it is revealed that in the 40-year future timeline of Batman Beyond both Gear and Static are still active as heroes and are now members of the Justice League. It is also shown that Gear put on some weight, which is quickly noticed by Static's time-traveling younger self; after returning to his present time, Static suggests he "lay off the fries".


  1. ^ Milestone messages at Delphi Forum "It'll never come up in the show because it's Y-7 but as far as I'm concerned, Richie is gay." (Dwayne McDuffie, March 10, 2005). Accessed in May 30, 2017

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