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Richmond Police Department (Virginia)

The Richmond Police Department (RPD) is the primary law enforcement agency servicing 204,214 people within 62.5 square miles (162 km2) of jurisdiction within Richmond, Virginia, United States. The RPD is accredited by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standard Commission.

Richmond Police Department
Agency overview
Annual budget$79 million
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionRichmond, Virginia, USA
Map of Virginia highlighting Richmond City.svg
Map of Richmond Police Department's jurisdiction.
Size62.5 square miles (162 km2)
Governing bodyCity
General nature
HeadquartersRichmond, Virginia

Police officers760
Agency executive
Stations4 precincts
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Administrative servicesEdit

Administrative Services has the responsibility of management oversight for the major administrative areas of the Police Department.


  • Division of Emergency Communications overlooks public safety and non-public safety radio communications for Richmond.
  • Planning Division is responsible for the developing, review, and monitoring of all policies and procedures of the RPD.
  • Records and Technology manages all technical hardware and software services and systems.
  • Training Division is responsible for training all of the RPD employees. They are also active with the training academy.[1]


  • Citizens' Academies builds a relationship and understanding between the citizens and officers of Richmond.
  • Community Assisted Public Safety (CAPS) attempts to change the citizens of Richmond's minds about the way they think of their city and neighborhoods. It also tries to ensure that all of Richmond's neighborhoods are clean, safe, and healthy.
  • Crime Prevention is made up of crime prevention officers and implement crime prevention programs that include Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, and the Electric Neighborhood Watch. Specialists in the program speak to community groups and businesses about crime prevention.
  • Neighborhood Assistance Officer Program consists of uniformed, unpaid, and volunteers of the RPD. They do not have the authority to arrest over any other regular citizen. They are unarmed and drive a RPD vehicle.
  • Police Athletic League
  • School Resource Officers
  • HOPE Unit
  • Volunteers in Policing[2]

Chief's officeEdit

  • Executive Protection Unit are assigned to protect the mayor of Richmond.
  • Finance tasks include budget development, grants management, property and evidence, and payroll and accounting.
  • General Counsel perform internal audits, examine existing and proposed policies, work with the Internal Affairs Division, work as part of senior management, and review policies and practices.
  • Human Resources are responsible for the recruitment and administrative management of all department employees.
  • Office of Professional Responsibility is the disciplinary review office.
  • Internal Affairs handle internal complaint investigations, firearms discharges, and excessive force allegations.
  • Public Affairs provide information about the operation and personnel of the RPD.[3]


Operations consists of four precincts that covers Richmond. The four precincts are broken out into two areas.

  • Area 1:
  • First Precinct: Commander Sybil El-Amin (Sector 111, Sector 112, Sector 113)
  • Second Precinct: Sector 211, Sector 212, Sector 213 (Commander Michael Snawder)
  • Area 2:
  • Third Precinct: Sector 311, Sector 312, Sector 313 (Commander Christopher Gleason)
  • Fourth Precinct: Sector 411, Sector 412, Sector 413 (Commander William "Jody" Blackwell)[4]

Support servicesEdit

  • Major Crimes includes the Homicide, Violent Crimes, and the Youth and Family Crimes Units.
  • Special Investigations Division performs major case investigations against organizations involving narcotics trafficking, prostitution, illegal gambling, and the sales and distribution of illegal liquors and pornography. The division includes the Narcotics, Asset Forfeiture, Gang, Vice, and Technical Assistance units.
  • Special Events Division consists of Traffic, Motors, Crash Team, Hit and Run Investigations, Mounted, K-9, Special Events, Aviation, Permits, Homeland Security, SWAT, Negotiators, Crowd Management Team, Bomb Squad, Homeland Security and Dignitary Visits.[5]


  • Chief (rank of Colonel)
  • Deputy Chief (rank of Lt. Colonel)
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
  • Police Officer

Fallen officersEdit

Since the establishment of the Richmond Police Department, 28 officers have died while on duty.[6][7]

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