Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion

Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion is a 2015 film, and a sequel of 2013 film, Richard the Lionheart, starring Greg Maness as Richard The Lionheart, Andrea Zirio as Henry the Young and Debbie Rochon as Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion
Richard the Lionheart- Rebellion poster.jpg
Directed byStefano Milla
Produced byBlinov Oleg Adrianovich
Phil Gorn
Stefano Milla
Written byGero Giglio
Stefano Milla (co-writer)
StarringDebbie Rochon
Greg Maness
Andrea Zirio
Mishael Lopes Cardozo
Neil Cole
Marco Naggar
Rebecca Viora
Derek Allen
Christopher Jones
Giada Ghittino
Jon Firman
Music byDom Capuano
CinematographyFabrizio Meynardi
Edited byStefano Milla
Claang Entertainment
DOMA Entertainment
WonderPhil Productions
Distributed byWonderPhil Productions
Release date
  • June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited States


In a Europe divided between the two great powers of England and France, the sons of the English king, Henry the Young, Richard the Lionheart, and Geoffrey, lead a rebellion against their own father supported in their fight by the old king of France, Louis and especially by their French mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. The eldest of the three, Henry, while trying to find allies, is forced to comply the compromises imposed by a land too much divided and with too many lords. But, after the Queen has been captured in an ambush, the war is inevitable. Richard leads the rebel army and, with his bravery, conquered the most of the English territories on French soil, besieging their father the king in the castle of Rouen. But the kings of England and France are much more intertwined then it could seem at a first glance, in fact their plans were established long before the beginning of the rebellion. The three brothers have to face a path filled of traps, betrayal and shifting alliance until the incomplete defeat. But in the process Richard will learn the true meaning of being a knight and will also meet his promise bride Alys.


  • Debbie Rochon as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • Mishael Lopes Cardozo as Wilhelm
  • Greg Maness as Richard The Lionheart
  • Sharon Fryer as Magdalene
  • Marco Naggar as Geoffrey
  • Andrea Zirio as Henry the Young
  • Maurizio Corigliano as English Archer
  • Christian Burruano as Messenger
  • Neil Cole as Captain
  • Christopher Jones as One Eye
  • Giada Ghittino as Marie
  • Josette Jocolle' as Waitress
  • William Milla as Kid
  • Rebecca Viora as Alys
  • Derek Allen as King Henry II
  • Kenneth Smolders as Alys' Father
  • Jon Firman as Castle Lord
  • Andrea Lorenzo Canetto as Monk
  • Gianluca Mezzogori as Rebels Commander
  • David Callahan as Chester
  • Bryan Ayres as King Louis
  • Emil Corradin as Blacksmith
  • Daniele Imhoff as English Herald
  • Elisa Allara as Maid
  • Valeri Alessandro as Rebel
  • Murielle Jocolle' as Waitress
  • Lucia Allara as Maid
  • Irene Corradin as Kid
  • Davide Chiolero as Wilhelm's Herald

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