Richard de Ledrede

Richard de Ledrede (died 1360/1361), also known as Richard Ledred, was a 14th-century churchman in Ireland who served as Bishop of Ossory.

Richard was probably born between about 1260 and 1270: a report of c.1356 that he was by that date a centenarian is believed to be an exaggeration.[1] His name is thought to relate to Leatherhead in Surrey, England, but this may be misleading: other evidence suggests a family connection with the county of Somerset.[1]

A Franciscan of the Order of Friars Minor, he was Bishop of Ossory from May 1317 until his death in 1360/1361. He was known as a "scourge of heresy and witchcraft",[2] and was a central figure in the Kilkenny Witch Trial involving Alice Kyteler and her servant Petronella de Meath. Sixty short Latin hymns by him are preserved in the Red Book of Ossory.


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