Richard Matuszewski

Richard Matuszewski (matt-too-CHef-ski), born September 7, 1964 in Newark, New Jersey, is a former tennis player from the United States.

Matuszewski won the Van Nostrand Memorial Award in 1986 and is a four-time All-American. He was named All-American in singles and doubles in 1985 and 1986. He ranks second on the Clemson Career List for most singles victories with 166 and fourth on the Clemson career list for most doubles victories with 125. He was a 1983 ACC Champion at number six singles, the 1984 ACC Champion at number five singles and the 1985 ACC Champion at number one doubles.

Matuszewski went on to play professional tennis for over a decade. On October 24, 1988 he reached his highest rank with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), when he became World number 49.[1]


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