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Richard Foster (architect)

Richard T. Foster (March 21, 1919 – September 13, 2002.[1]) was a modernist architect who worked in the New York City area, and also around Greenwich, Connecticut. Foster is best known for his collaborations with architect Philip Johnson.

Richard Foster
BornMarch 21, 1919
DiedSeptember 13, 2002(2002-09-13) (aged 83)



Foster was born in Pittsburgh and educated at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, graduated in 1950, and was hired into Philip Johnson's office directly out of school. Foster worked on the designs in Johnson's office of the 1950s, notably the Glass House located in New Canaan, Connecticut.[2]

Foster left in 1962 to form his own firm, Richard Foster Associates, but as an independent architect returned to work on major projects with Johnson into the 1970s. His own designs included a circular rotating house in Wilton, Connecticut, published in Popular Mechanics in 1968.[3] Foster continued to work and live in Wilton until his death in 2002.[4][5]


Foster's work includes:


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