Richard England (architect)

Richard England (born Richard England Sant Fournier on 3 October 1937) is a Maltese architect, writer, artist and academic.

Richard England
Born (1937-10-03) 3 October 1937 (age 84)
Alma materUniversity of Malta
Spouse(s)Myriam Borg Manduca dei Conti di Mont'Alto


Manikata Parish Church, which was designed by England

Son of Edwin England Sant Fournier and Ina Desain, Richard studied at St. Edward's College, and later graduated in Architecture at the University of Malta.[1] He then continued his studies in Italy at the Polytechnic University of Milan and also worked as a student-architect in the studio of the Italian architect-designer in Gio Ponti in 1960-62.[2]

He is also a sculptor, photographer, poet, artist and author of a number of books.[citation needed] He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Malta, having acted as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture between 1987 and 1989.[citation needed] He is also an Hon. Fellow at the University of Bath in the UK, and an Academician and Vice-President of the International Academy of Architecture.[citation needed]

England has lectured and exhibited his work in North and South America, the UK, Europe, the Middle and as far East as Russia.[citation needed] During the 1970s he worked in Saudi Arabia while in the early 80s he was appointed, together with Robert Venturi, Arup Associates, Arthur Erickson, Sheppard Robson and Ricardo Bofill as a consultant to the Mayoralty of Baghdad, Iraq to work on the rehabilitation of the city under the Mayoralty's architect Rifat Chadirji.[3]

His philosophy centers on an expression referred to by Charles Knevitt as "a valid, contemporary regionalism",[4] preferring a process of evolution as opposed to revolution, “a new leaf as opposed to a new tree”, believing that architecture should be appropriate to both place and time and that it should evoke the spirit of the place.[citation needed]

Richard England has lectured and worked in the capacity of Architectural Consultant to governmental and private institutions in the following countries: US, UK, Yugoslavia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Argentina, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan and his native Malta.[citation needed]

He married Myriam Borg Manduca in 1962 and has one daughter and one son.[5]


Critical responseEdit

“Richard England’s restless mind and nervous energy find expression in so many different artistic fields that it leaves one breathless”.[6]

“His architecture intense, sunny, rich in pure forms, bejewelled with bright colours …works designed with imagination, ingenuity and indisputable, creative passion”.[7]

“A style of his own, successfully relating to the elements of the island’s tradition. Malta is fortunate to have him to lead the profession on the island”.[8]

“The Garden of Apollo …a real coup de grace where the architect’s imagination, artistic myths and cultural realities merge to provide a fitting reminder of this architect’s amazing talents”.[9]

“Richard England played an active part in building up the Malta tourist industry designing a series of resort hotels which set a new standard for the type”.[10]

Selected worksEdit

St Francis of Assisi in Qawra, seen from south
  • Central Bank of Malta, Valletta, Malta, 1971
  • Church of St Joseph, Manikata, Malta, 1962-1974
  • A Garden for Myriam, St. Julians, Malta, 1982
  • Aquasun Lido, Paceville, Malta, 1983
  • Dar il-Ħanin Samaritan, Santa Venera, Malta, 1996-2014
  • Ir-Razzett ta’ Sandrina, Mgarr, Malta, 1988
  • Papal Stands for Pope John Paul II Malta Visit, 1990 + 2001
  • Golf 4 Apartments, Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia, 1990
  • St Francis of Assisi Church and Cloister in the neighbourhood, Qawra, Malta, 1990–1996[11]
  • University of Malta extension, Malta, 1991
  • Villa ‘G’, Siggiewi, Malta, 1994
  • Central Bank of Malta Annexe, Valletta, Malta, 1992
  • Valletta Entrance Masterplan (Project), Malta, 1994–2000
  • National Arts Centre (Project), Valletta, Malta, 1997
  • Millennium Chapel, Paceville, Malta, 2000
  • Malta Parliament (Project), Valletta, Malta, 2002
  • San Gorg Meditation Chapel, Blata L-Bajda, Malta, 2001
  • Filfla Chapel (Project), Malta, 2002
  • Hal Farrug Church (Project), Malta, 2004
  • The Garden of Apollo, St Julians, Malta, 2007


  • International Academy of Architecture Award, 1983, 1985, 1991, 2000, 2003, 2006,2009
  • Commonwealth Association of Architects Regional Award, 1985, 1987
  • Honoris Causa, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1985
  • Gold Medal of the City of Toulouse, 1985
  • International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA) Silver Medal, 1987
  • Honoris Causa, Institute of Advance Studies, University of New York, US, 1987
  • Georgia Biennale Laureate Prize, 1988
  • IFRAA – American Institute of Architects, Award for Religious Architecture, 1991
  • Officer of the Order of Merit, Malta, 1993
  • Honoris Causa, University of the Republic of Georgia, 1995
  • International Prize Third Architectural Biennal, Costa Rica, 1996
  • Gold Medal of the Belgrade Architectural Triennial, 1999
  • Honorary Fellowship - American Institute of Architects, 1999
  • Honoris Causa, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 2003
  • International Academy of Architecture Grand Prix, 2006
  • Honoris Causa, University Spiru Haret, Romania, 2010

Publications by Richard EnglandEdit


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  • Richard England Poems set to music on CD by Charles Camilleri:
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  • This Holy Earth – Claire Massa Mezzo Soprano, THE 011, 2007


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Publications on Richard EnglandEdit


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