Richard Delancey

Richard Delancey is the hero of a series of novels by historian C. Northcote Parkinson.[1] Delancey is a citizen of the Island of Guernsey who rises, through merit, through the Royal Navy, during its late 18th Century wars with America and France.

According to Charles K. Rowley, during his retirement, in Guernsey, Parkinson lived on a street named a real life hero named Richard Delancey, a military officer who served under the 1st Duke of Wellington, and who died during the Battle of Waterloo.[1]

James A. Winnefeld, writing in the Naval War College Review, wrote that Parkinson had "the naval historian's eye and ear for time and place".[2] However, he said his characters were "wooden".

published set title notes
1982 1776 The Guernseyman
1973 1793 The Devil to Pay
1975 1797 The Fireship
1977 1799 Touch and Go
1978 Dead Reckoning
1981 So Near, So Far


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