Richard Boyle Townsend

Richard Boyle Townsend (1756 – 26 November 1826)[1] was an Irish politician.

He was the only son of Richard Townsend and his wife Elizabeth FitzGerald, daughter of John FitzGerald, 15th Knight of Kerry.[2] His uncles were Maurice FitzGerald, 16th Knight of Kerry and John Townsend.[3] Townsend entered the Irish House of Commons in 1782 and sat for Dingle until he resigned his seat in 1795.[4] He was appointed High Sheriff of County Cork for 1785.[3]

On 16 May 1784, he married Henrietta Newenham, daughter of John Newenham, and by her he had eight sons and a daughter.[1]


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Parliament of Ireland
Preceded by Member of Parliament for Dingle
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