Ric e Gian

Riccardo Miniggio (Turin, 31 December 1935) and Gian Fabio Bosco (Florence, 30 July 1936 - Lavagna, 14 February 2010) were an Italian comedy duo who worked on stage, films and television as Ric e Gian.

Ric e Gian (Senza Rete, 1972)

Life and careerEdit

Miniggio started his career as a dancer-actor in the stage company of Erminio Macario, while Bosco was born in a family of actors and debuted on stage at young age, in the theatrical company of Gilberto Govi.[1][2]

The couple met in an avanspettacolo at the Teatro Maffei in Turin, where Miniggio worked as a dancer and Bosco was the sidekick of the actor Mario Ferrero.[1] They then decided to performing together as Jerry e Fabio and worked in various theaters, nights and cabarets in Northern Italy as well as at the Crazy Horse in Paris.[1][2] Noted by film producer Angelo Rizzoli, they renamed themselves Ric e Gian in 1962 and made their film debut in Ischia operazione amore (1966).[1]

Starting from the late 1960s, the couple gained popularity thanks to their participation in several prime time RAI variety shows.[1] In the mid-1970s they focused on theatre, and between late 1970s and early 1980s their popularity revamped thanks to a number of Antenna 3 and Fininvest television shows they took part in.[1][2]

In 1987 the couple split to pursue some solo projects, before briefly reuniting between 2002 and 2006 for a number of stage shows and plays.[2]

In 2010 Bosco died, aged 73, due to an abdominal aortic aneurysm.[2]


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