Ri Kun-mo, also translated as Ri Gun-mo (5 April 1926[1][2] – 2001)[3][4] was a North Korean politician. He was Prime Minister from 29 December 1986 to 12 December 1988, when he was replaced, reportedly due to poor health.[5] He succeeded Kang Song-san. His successor was Yon Hyong-muk.

Ri Kun-mo
Ri Kun-mo portrait.jpg
6th Premier of North Korea
In office
29 December 1986 – 12 December 1988
Preceded byKang Song-san
Succeeded byYon Hyong-muk
Personal details
Born(1926-04-05)5 April 1926
South Pyongan Province, Japanese Korea
Died2001 (aged 74–75)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationI Geunmo
McCune–ReischauerRi Kŭnmo

In 1998 he was nominated Chief Secretary for North Hamgyong Province,[6] but he was removed in 2001[7] and presumably died shortly thereafter.[8]

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