Max on the Rox

Max on the Rox is a rock/blues band from Vaasa, Finland. The band is notable for being the rock/blues band where Kai Hahto, the well-known heavy metal musician is a drummer.

Max on the Rox
OriginVaasa, Finland
GenresRock, blues
Years active1997–present
MembersMax Bäckman
Markku Keho
Kai Hahto


  • Max Bäckman - vocals, guitar
  • Markku Keho - vocals, bass
  • Kai Hahto - drums


  • Voodoo (2000)
  • Rox II (2002)
  • Rhythmic Songs from a Mysterious Red House (2004)
  • Marilyn's Favorites (2015)

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