Revontulet (the Finnish word for aurora, lit. "foxfire") was a Finnish language communist weekly newspaper published in Luleå, Sweden.[1] Sven Linderot was the editor of the paper.[2] The first issue was published on 3 January 1919.[1] It was often considered as the Finnish-language edition of the Swedish-language newspaper Norrskensflamman, and was printed as the same printing shop as its Swedish-language counterpart (A.B. Norrskenet).[1]

Copies of Revontulet were smuggled into Finland, during winter months the smugglers carried it over the frozen sea between Seskarö and Kemi.[1] During the winter of 1918-1919 a group of smugglers were fired upon by border guards.[1]

After 1921 the publication of Revontulet became more sporadic.[1] As many Finnish red refugees accepted Swedish government aid to migrate to Soviet Russia, the readership decreased.[1] No issues were published in 1922.[1] Publishing resumed on 11 October 1923 and continued until 24 April 1924.[1][2] On 28 May 1927 a last and final issue was published.[1][2]

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