Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery

Taesongsan Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery (Korean대성산혁명렬사릉; Hanja大城山革命烈士陵) is a cemetery and memorial to the North Korean soldiers fighting for freedom and independence against Japanese rule. It is located near the top of Mount Taesong (Taesongsan) in the Taesong-guyŏk, just outside Pyongyang, North Korea.

Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery
Revised RomanizationDaeseongsan hyeokmyeong ryeolsa reung
McCune–ReischauerTaesŏngsan hyŏkmyŏng ryŏlsa rŭng
Busts and main monument
Overview, Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery


The cemetery with hundreds of tombs was completed in 1975 and in October 1985 was renovated and expanded. It covers an area of 30 hectares. The entrance to the cemetery is marked by a monumental gate in Korean style. Each of the graves is provided with a bronze bust. At the far end of the memorial there is a conspicuous red flag made of granite.[1] Heo-nik Kwon & Byung-Ho Chung (2012) covered the cemetery in their publication "North Korea: Beyond Charismatic Politics", noting the cemetery's political significance to the revolutionary narratives of the North Korean state and the large scale absence of any ordinary military cemeteries in North Korea[2]

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