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Returner (liqueur)

Returner is an alcoholic liqueur made from Earl Grey tea leaves. It is the name of a Japanese liqueur brand since 2013. The method of soaking Earl Grey tea leaves in alcohol coaxes out the taste and flavor of tea. Then sugar is added. Returner only contains Earl Grey, alcohol, and sugar. Returner is claimed to be the only liqueur made with fully organic materials and methods.[by whom?] The liquid has a deep red color and aroma and flavor of Earl Grey and bergamot. Returner is drunk straight or on the rocks. It is usually made into a cocktail with fruit juices, champagne, whiskey, and other liqueurs.

ManufacturerReturner Japan
Country of originJapan
Alcohol by volume24%
ColourDeep Red
Flavourbergamot and sweet


Returner was invented by Toshiaki Aizu who is the CEO and bartender of BAR GRANDMASTER Nihombashi (Returner Japan Corporation). First, Aizu invented his original cocktail composed of Earl Grey tea, Grapefruit juice, and vodka inspired from the grapefruit tea of the famous tea house at Yokohama. After that, he developed “Lucie”, which reproduced the taste of his Earl Grey original cocktail, as his first liqueur product. This new liqueur had a fairly good reputation among bartenders and drinkers, but he was still busy improving the taste of his Earl Grey tea liqueur. A few years later Aizu created the latest recipe, which perfectly extract Earl Grey flavor and taste. That was the recipe for Returner. He says Returner is all that could be desired. Returner was released in August 2013. Since then Returner has been loved by professional bartenders and cocktail lovers in Japan. Aizu changed his company name to “Returner Japan”.


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