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Return to Two Moon Junction is a 1995 romantic drama film which serves as a sequel to the 1988 film Two Moon Junction.[1] The plot concerns a New York fashion model who returns to her Georgia home town where she has an affair with a local sculptor. The film was directed by Farhad Mann, and stars Melinda Clarke, Wendy Davis, and Louise Fletcher.

Return to Two Moon Junction
Theatrical release poster
Directed byFarhad Mann
Produced byZalman King
Written byZalman King
MacGregor Douglas
Dyanne Asimow
StarringMelinda Clarke
Wendy Davis
Louise Fletcher
Music byJoseph Conlan
CinematographyFrank Byers
Edited byDianne Ryder-Rennolds
Distributed byTrimark Pictures
Release date
  • 1995 (1995)
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited States



Savannah Delongpre (Melinda Clarke) is a wealthy runway fashion model living in New York City who returns to her small town in Georgia in order to get away from her stressful and demanding spotlight life and to visit her wealthy grandmother, Belle (Louise Fletcher; the only actress to appear in this and the previous Two Moon Junction film). While staying with Belle, Savannah views some homemade 8mm films about her childhood past which include her recently deceased mother. There is also a subtle reference to the first Two Moon Junction film in which Belle tells Savannah about her cousin April having abandoned her recently married husband to run off with a stranger.

While visiting her childhood home, which includes a swamp property called Two Moon Junction owned by the Delongpre family, Savannah has a run-in with Jake Gilbert (John Clayton Schafer), a rugged but good-natured drifter living in a small house on the property. Jake is an artist who comes from a poor family that has had a decades-long feud with the Delongpre family. Unwilling to return to New York right away, Savannah eventually begins a sordid affair with Jake despite their backgrounds. Savannah tries to persuade Jake to come to New York City with her so he can open his own art gallery to display and sell his scrap-metal sculptures. However, the prideful Jake repeatedly refuses because he makes sculptures out of principle rather than for money.

Belle soon learns about Savannah's tryst with Jake and tries, any way she can, to break them up. After failing to bribe Jake to end his tryst with Savannah, Belle tracks down and contacts Savannah's possessive fiancee Robert Lee (Yorgo Constantine). Robert arrives in town and colludes with Belle to break up the relationship by purchasing the Two Moon Junction property and evicting Jake.

Although Savannah manages to prevent the sale from the property, Jake decides that being with Savannah is not for the best and he moves out of the property without saying goodbye. Belle then has a talk with the heartbroken Savannah in which she tells Belle that she really did love Jake.

In the final scene, as Savannah prepares to board a train to return to New York, Belle arrives in her car with Jake who runs and joins Savannah on the train. Belle had previously told Jake the truth about trying to keep them apart. Savannah returns to New York with Jake, who decides to give "big city" life a chance. Belle happily watches them leave town for good.



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