Resolute Bay

Resolute Bay is an Arctic waterway in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in Parry Channelmap on the southern side of Cornwallis The hamlet of Resolutemap is located on the northern shore of the bay with Resolute Bay Airportmap to the northwest. The Inuit associated with Resolute Bay are called Qausuittuq[1] and the population of the hamlet in the 2006 census was 229.[2]

Resolute Bay
Resolute sun.jpg
Looking west along the edge of Resolute Bay.
Resolute Bay is located in Nunavut
Resolute Bay
Resolute Bay
LocationParry Channel
Coordinates74°41′N 094°52′W / 74.683°N 94.867°W / 74.683; -94.867 (Resolute Bay)Coordinates: 74°41′N 094°52′W / 74.683°N 94.867°W / 74.683; -94.867 (Resolute Bay)
Basin countriesCanada

On the western shore, the Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment (DRTE) and the Communications Research Centre Canada[3] operated a launch site for sounding Between 1966 and 1971 rockets of the types Black Brant and Boosted Arcas were launched.[4][5]

A small hut built some 600 years ago by the Thule people, ancestors of the Inuit, near the hamlet of Resolute it was restored by archaeologists.


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