Resigned (album)

Resigned is an album from 1997 by singer-songwriter Michael Penn.

Studio album by
Released3 June 1997
GenrePop rock, Alternative rock, Folk rock
Label57 Records/Epic
ProducerBrendan O'Brien
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MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident


"Try" is the opening song from the album.

A music video for the song was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.[1] It was shot with the crew, and certain members of the cast, of Boogie Nights while the film was in its editing process. The entire music video is filmed in an over three minute long take (a technique Anderson frequently uses in his films) in downtown Los Angeles in the longest hallway in North America, at over a quarter of a mile long. The video features Penn walking briskly down the narrow hallway through various themed areas, such as a dance marathon referencing They Shoot Horses, Don't They?.

Philip Seymour Hoffman makes two appearances in the video, the first time handing Penn a microphone and a guitar, the second time holding a boom mic in front of him. He is wearing a Planet of the Apes T-shirt and a jacket with the words "Angels Live in My Town" printed on it (a reference to Boogie Nights). Thomas Jane and Melora Walters are also among the various cast members from Boogie Nights that have small parts in the music video.

The music video can be found on the New Line Platinum DVD edition of Boogie Nights and YouTube on Penn's Vevo channel.

Track listingEdit

All songs by Michael Penn:

  1. "Try"
  2. "Me Around
  3. "Like Egypt Was
  4. "Out of My Hands"
  5. "All That That Implies"
  6. "Selfish"
  7. "Cover Up"
  8. "Figment"
  9. "Small Black Box"
  10. "Comfort"
  11. "I Can Tell"


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