Resava School (Serbian: Ресавска школа/Resavska škola), was founded in 1407 by Serbian despot Stefan Lazarević. Based in his endowment, the Manasija monastery, it was the center for transcribing, translating and illuminating manuscripts in the Serbian Despotate. One of the main supporters of the Resava school was Constantine the Philosopher (Константин Филозоф), also known as Constantine of Kostonets. The canon of this school was followed in monasteries of Hilandar, Patriarchate of Peć, Visoki Dečani and Ljubostinja, and its influences were present in Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Romania. Monastery of Manasija, also called Resava, had a library of over 20,000 books.

Resava school
The transcribing center was located inside the monastery walls
Monastery information
Full nameРесавска школа
Other namesResava (Ресава)
OrderSerbian Orthodox
Founder(s)Stefan Lazarević
LocationDespotovac, Serbia

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