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Republican Movement (Switzerland)

The Republican Movement (French: Mouvement républicain; German: Republikanische Bewegung) was a political party in Switzerland between 1971 and 1989.


The party was formed by James Schwarzenbach as a breakaway from the National Action against the Infiltration of People and Homeland party in 1971.[1][2] It received 4.3% of the vote in the elections that year,[3] winning seven seats.[4] However, in the 1975 elections the party's share of the vote fell to 3% and it was reduced to four seats.[3][4] The 1979 elections saw the party lose the majority of its support as it was reduced to 0.6% of the vote and won only one seat.[3][5] It saw another fall in its vote share to 0.5% in the 1983 elections,[3] but retained its single seat.[5] In 1987 its vote share fell to just 0.3% and it lost its only seat.[6][5] The party was subsequently dissolved on 22 April 1989.[1][2] Most of its members joined the Federal Democratic Union.[7]


The Republican Movement supported anti-immigrant and anti-establishment policies, as well as fundamentalist Protestant Christian views.[7]


In 1972 the Republican Movement officially associated itself with the anti-immigrant Vigilance, which was founded in 1964 and based in the Canton of Geneva.[8] They presented themselves as an electoral alliance three years later.[8]


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