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The RepRap Fisher is an open-source fused deposition modeling 3D printer and is part of the RepRap project. The RepRap Fisher is named after the English statistician and biologist Ronald Fisher, it was designed by RepRapPro.[1]

RepRap Fisher
Fisher delta RepRap 3D printer.jpg
RepRap Fisher delta 3D printer
A timelapse video of a Fisher printing a robot model (logo of Make magazine)
ClassificationFused deposition modeling 3D printer

The RepRap Fisher has a 150mm diameter by 180mm height build volume, uses a bowden extruder and has a print resolution of 12.5um in all directions, it also has a micro SD card and USB and Ethernet connections allowing it to be connected to a network.[2][3] The printer was praised for its ease of construction and low price and is only available in kit form.[2][4]

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