Renault Trucks T

The Renault Trucks T is a range of heavy-duty trucks manufactured by Renault Trucks. The truck was presented on 11 June 2013 with a show called R/Evolution[2] and was introduced at the end of 2013, being the first from a new line of vehicles for the company.[3][4]

Renault Trucks T
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ManufacturerRenault Trucks
Also calledRenault Trucks C Road
AssemblyBourg-en-Bresse, France[1]
DesignerHervé Bertrand
Body and chassis
ClassHeavy truck
Body styleCOE
  • Day Cab
  • Night & Day Cab
  • Sleeper Cab
  • High Sleeper Cab
EngineStraight-six engine
  • DTI 11 (11 L)
  • DTI 13 (13 L)
Transmission12 speed automated (Optidriver)
PredecessorRenault Premium/Renault Magnum


The last of the major European manufacturers to introduce a Euro VI compliant vehicle, chief designer Hervé Bertrand was allowed to design a Renault vehicle. Although using some common parts from the new Volvo FH series, the design was seen as a step-forward inspiration from the Renault Magnum, with a front grille area was inspired by a conveyor belt and a completely unique design cab area, designed for long distance international trunk routes.[5]


The Renault Trucks T includes the robotised Optidriver transmission as standard, improved aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption and new comfort and security features.[3]


The T offers two Euro VI six-cylinder engines, the 11 L DTI 11 (with a power output of 380, 430 and 460hp) and the 13 L DTI 13 (440, 480 and 520hp). All engines are variants derived from the previous Premium and Magnum trucks.[3]


On 23 September 2014, the Renault Trucks T was voted International Truck of the Year 2015 [6] during the International Motor Show Germany in Hanover.


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