Renaud of Roucy

Renaud or Ragenold, Count of Roucy (c. 920 – 10 May 967) was a Viking who swore allegiance to the Frankish Kings, and became the military chief of Reims after the restoration of the Archbishop Artald of Reims, upon taking the area back from Hugh of Vermandois.

Renaud of Roucy
Count of Roucy
Reignc. 950-967
Bornc. 920
SpouseAlberade of Lorraine

He built a fort at Roucy between the late 940s and early 950s and supported young King Lothair of France in the expedition at Aquitaine and the Siege [fr] of Poitiers, during the dynastic struggles of the Kingdom of West Francia. Renaud was made the Count of Roucy around or before 955 by King Lothair.

He married Alberade of Lorraine, daughter of Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine around 945 and had four children:

Renaud could have had a brother named Dodo according to Flodoard. Their parents are not known or recorded.

Renaud died on 10 May 967 and was buried at the Abbey of Saint-Remi.


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