Renaud I de Craon

Renaud de Craon, (c. 1060–1101) was Lord of Craon and the son of Robert de Nevers and Blanche de Sablé.

He became Lord of Craon, title first granted by Geoffrey II, Count of Anjou to his father, then definitively by his marriage with the granddaughter of Guérin, heir to the land of Craon, according to what he himself claimed in a charter of Trinity Abbey, Vendôme.

In 1098, he founded La Roë Abbey.

He married Ennoguen de Vitré with whom he had four children;

  1. Maurice (future Lord of Craon),
  2. Henri,
  3. Robert (2nd Master of the Knights Templar),
  4. Mahaut/Mahault.

Quintin, regular Abbot of La Roë, served the last rites to Renaud le Bourguignon, on 2 December 1101.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. ^ Abbot Angot maintains this date contrary to Bertrand de Broussillon, who detects a clerical error in the charter of La Roë. The date of 17 December 1101 that he suggests is even less admissible since Renaud de Martigné was not consecrated until 12 January 1102. Abbot Angot recognised that he was wrong to apply this date, 16 November 1102, to the death of Renaud le Bourguignon (Angot, Abbot Alphonse-Victor; Gaugain, Abbot F. (1904). Dictionnaire historique, topographique et biographique de la Mayenne [Historic, Topographic and Biographic Dictionary of Mayenne] (in French). Vol. I. Laval: Goupil. p. 807.); it only aligns with an act of his children, after his death.

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