René I, Viscount of Rohan

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René I de Rohan, (1516–1552) 18th Viscount of Rohan, Viscount and Prince de Léon, and Marquis de Blain married Isabella of Navarre daughter of jure uxoris King John III of Navarre and Catherine of Navarre, Queen of Navarre.

House of Rohan
House of Rohan


René I was the son of Pierre II de Rohan[1] and Anne de Rohan, who upon her death transmitted the titles of her brother, Jacques de Rohan, who died without heirs.

Queen Margaret of Navarre, sister of Francis I of France served as Guardian of René I de Rohan, and arranged for René I de Rohan to marry her sister-in-law Isabella.[2] This introduced Protestantism into the House of Rohan. A family who would fight on Protestant side in the Huguenot rebellions.

René I de Rohan died in 1552 fighting on the German frontier during the Siege of Metz.[1]


René I de Rohan and Isabella of Navarre had five children:


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