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Remodelista is an interior design and lifestyle website,[1] founded in 2007 by the current editor-in-chief Julie Carlson with Francesca Connolly, Janet Hall, and Sarah Lonsdale. It is currently operated by, after a July 2016 acquisition.

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Type of site
Remodeling and interior design blog
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersNew York City
Founder(s)Julie Carlson, Francesca Connolly, Janet Hall, Sarah Lonsdale
EditorJulie Carlson
Launched2007 (2007)
Current statusActive



Remodelista was founded as an independent website in 2007 by Carlson, Connolly, Hall, and Lonsdale.[2][3][4][5] The aim was to provide an online sourcebook for users planning a home renovation or re-design, at a time when many interior design magazines were struggling to stay in business.[6]

Josh Groves joined as publisher in 2008,[2] and Remodelista was acquired by San Francisco company Say Media in August 2011.[7]

The website added Christine Chang Hanway as UK Editor in 2014.[8] Remodelista briefly became independent when Carlson and Groves bought it from SAY Media|Say Media in 2015, before it was bought by in 2016.[9]

Following its launch to positive press reviews,[10](subscription required)[11][6][2][12][13][14] it won the "best home design blog" award from Apartment Therapy.[15]

Fans of the website include Gwyneth Paltrow,[16][17] Martha Stewart,[18] Diane Keaton,[19] and Nancy Meyers.[20] Julianne Moore is a contributor to the site[21] and wrote the foreword to Remodelista: A Manual For The Considered Home.[19] Moore's home has also been featured on Remodelista.[22]

Site featuresEdit

Remodelista's primary aim is to provide a sourcebook for an interior design.[23] In addition, the blog publishes lifestyle content, including pieces about travel. The travel section covers noteworthy design shops and hotels, restaurants and other design-oriented sights in the US and abroad.[24] Often these pieces will have an "Expert Advice" angle, with a design professional providing advice to readers about shops, hotels, and restaurants.[25]

In 2010, the website launched an invitation-only directory of architects and designers.[26] Currently, the directory is organized by region and searchable by service.[27] Editor at Large named it one of the top four online designer directories in 2014.[28]

In 2013, Remodelista first launched its "Considered Design Awards," a series of awards for reader-submitted photos of their interior spaces.[29][30] Guest judges for Remodelista's Considered Design Awards have included Rita Konig, Sheila Bridges, Deborah Needleman, Sam Hamilton, and John Derian.


Between 2010 and 2016, Remodelista hosted 18 Remodelista Markets in Marin County, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Portland, Seattle, NYC, and London.[31] Remodelista Markets offered goods from product creators and designers,[32] and the items' producers.[33][34] including handmade ceramics, clothing, jewelry, organic botanicals, and artisanal foods.[35] Vendors have included Loyal Supply Co., Good and Proper Tea, The Citizenry, Yuko Nishikawa, Yvonne Mouser, Wrk-Shp, Thompson Street Studio, and Taylor Ceramics.[36]

Related websitesEdit

Remodelista's sister site Gardenista, which focuses on outdoor spaces, was launched in 2011 initially as a section of Remodelista. It became a separate website in 2012.[37]

In November 2017, Remodelista launched a second companion site, The Organized Home, in conjunction with the publication of the book Remodelista: The Organized Home.[38][39][40]


In October 2013, Remodelista: A Manual For The Considered Home (ISBN 978-1579655365), written by Julie Carlson with photography by Matthew Williams, was published by Artisan.[41] The book includes tours of homes and advice on achieving similar styles in readers' homes.[41] Contributor Julianne Moore wrote the foreword to the book.

In November 2017 Artisan published Remodelista: The Organized Home (ISBN 978-1579656935) (by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick with photography by Matthew Williams),[42][43] which covers the topic of efficient and aesthetically pleasing home organization and storage.[44][45]


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